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Looking for a  fresh approach to health and wellness?  Momentum owners Rhea Black and Kiefer Hahn bring knowledge, fun and results to their classes and personal training clients. Momentum training programs make exercise exciting, FUN and inspirational! Guaranteed!

"Finding yourself inspired by Rhea and Keifer is inevitable, most of us Momentum devotees would agree, especially considering their extraordinary athletic feats. But the more time I’ve spent training in their circuit classes and one-to-one with Rhea, I’ve come to realize I’m most inspired by their uncommon ability to move others to do what seems well outside of their perceived ability. Incredibly, Rhea and Keifer manage to accomplish this not through force or uncomfortable intimidation, but with considerable shows of patience, attention, expertise and gratifying good humor." -Kelly Webster
"I have found Momentum to be instrumental in my ability to run trails. It has provided me the CORE and arm strength, stability, agility and balance essential for the sport. Further, the knowledge base of Rhea and Kiefer in strategy and running technique has been invaluable to me. This isn't a normal gym. This is a place for people who love being outside and active. Momentum is for people who understand that in order to stay healthy and injury free, cross-training is critical."- Jamie Swartz
"It takes a lot more than just running to prepare for a season of running, and I’ve learned this the hard way.  Proper, deliberate, and specified training activities are fundamental in establishing the baseline strength and flexibility needed for resilience and longevity in running.  Kiefer and Rhea have provided the structure and guidance that I needed to establish these building blocks to prepare for a long season of racing"- Seth Swanson
"I had NEVER run before in my life but went to Momentum to find a place to get back into shape.  While running was not the goal, we found a place surrounded with amazing friends that inspired us to push the limits of what we thought was possible. Now, 3 years later, most of my free time consists of finding new and amazing places to run - because of what Rhea and Kiefer have inspired and trained us to explore.”-Josh Gimpelson


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