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Ski classes are happening now at MOMENTUM!

For 9 years, Momentum has been offering the best pre-season ski training class in town! 1 hour combines functional strength, CORE, agility work, Plyometric power, balance and cardiovascular conditioning to get you in the best ski shape ever! Join us!

October - December 2014!

Classes are currently registered in full. However- people do miss so you are welcome to try drop-in if you would like to take a class. Please arrive 15 min. early. It is first come first serve.
Classes are offered on M/W at 4 pm and 5:30 pm
T/TH at 5:45 am, 7 am, 9 am, 12 noon, 4 pm and 5:30 pm
Questions? 541.7474


Welcome to Momentum Athletic Training!

For 6 years, we have provided innovative classes and personal training services for people seeking a fresh approach to health and wellness. Momentum owners Rhea Black and Kiefer Hahn bring knowledge, fun and results to their classes and personal training clients. Momentum training programs make exercise exciting, challenging, FUN and inspirational! Guaranteed!

People are saying great things about Momentum!

Momentum Athletic Training has helped me advance my strength, speed, endurance and agility greatly. Kiefer and Rhea have a well disciplined approach to training and are dedicated to making sure that your fitness goals are met. I'm in the best shape of my life! thank you for motivating me and taking me to the next level! " - Frank D'Angelo
I have known Kiefer and Rhea since they opened Momentum Athletic Training. They are both educated and sensible and possess personalities that allow them to make very tough workouts fun. The classes at Momentum are challenging and well-structured but with enough flexibility to allow individual goal-setting. At Momentum, Rhea and Kiefer utilize multiple groups of fitness training. As a client you will learn new exercise every month resulting in workouts at Momentum that are an interesting combination of core body strength, agility and endurance. If you have reservations about “investing” in a personal trainer, stop into Momentum to see for yourself. It is a rare to find two people who are as committed, educated and dedicated to their profession and their clients as Rhea and Kiefer. I highly recommend Momentum to everyone whether they are training for a specific athletic event or simply want to improve their overall health and fitness level." - Jaymie Bowditch
Finding yourself inspired by Rhea and Keifer is inevitable, most of us Momentum devotees would agree, especially considering their extraordinary athletic feats. But the more time I’ve spent training in their circuit classes and one-to-one with Rhea, I’ve come to realize I’m most inspired by their uncommon ability to move others to do what seems well outside of their perceived ability. Incredibly, Rhea and Keifer manage to accomplish this not through force or uncomfortable intimidation, but with considerable shows of patience, attention, and gratifying good humor. This isn’t to say they only pitch soft encouragements—they are tough and expect toughness in return.
Rhea has coached and motivated me as a trail runner, helping me to train for my first serious mountain race, the Bridger Ridge Run, and my first long mountain race, the Old Gabe 50K. I easily could recount the obvious benefits Rhea’s time and attention has afforded me: reaching my physical goals, running harder and longer than I imagined within my ability, and feeling stronger than my own tired running routines permitted.
The less predictable benefits of Rhea’s partnership, however, have been more meaningful. She allowed me to more fully understand that I’m capable of moving close to the edge of my ability. She inspired me to feel confident enough to push toward distances and physical feats that appeared just beyond my grasp, which ranks her with a handful of exceptional people in my life.
The lasting result has been not only my renewed joy in running mountain trails but also the opportunity to catch glimpses of better versions of myself. Rhea’s that kind of coach: she looks for possibility in you before you dare to look for it in yourself, and then she takes you there." - Kelly Webster

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